Next generation Growth platform for SME business

Powering SME businesses with AI-Chat BOTs

We design and deploy  Conversational AI-BOTs on WhatsApp Business Platform  and provide Digital finance solutions  to support SME business in achieving hyper growth.

Conversational AI-BOTs

Conversational AI refers to the field of artificial intelligence that focuses on developing systems and technologies capable of engaging in human-like conversations. It involves creating intelligent computer programs or chatbots that can understand and respond to natural language inputs from users.

Digital Credit

Digital Credit is a payment option that allows consumers to make purchases and pay post 30/60/90 days or split the payment into multiple installments over time. Instant portal credit to your customers ( dealers, resellers) with Zero default risk to Anchor client. Boost your business with credit based customers.

Other Technology Solutions

Customized IOT and Other technology solutions for customers in Fire Safety & Security, Automotive, Chemicals, Construction, and other sectors. Customized solution on process and task automation, data analytics and data vizualization to reduce costs


Customized Solutions

We understand the customer specific needs and further design and deploy customized solutions for customers. We do API based integrations and Analytics to derive different use cases


Live and Seamless Support

We provide seamless support to out clients post deployments and continuously build and enhance the platform for specific needs of customers

Conversational AI BOTs using WhatsApp  

Conversational AI bots are an effective tool for engaging with potential customers, collecting their information, and generating leads. They are also very useful for offering customer service

Digital Finance – 30/60 days Credit

Offer Credit to your customers with zero risk to your business in case of customer default using portal integrated B2B finance.

IOT / Technology Solutions

We offer customized solutions to clients in the field of IoT data mining, Energy savings, Security Solutions, Data Analytics, process automation etc.

Real time Fleet Management

A platform to monitor Vehicle & tyre health in real time. Monitor fuel, engine health, battery parameters , alternator and tyre health in real time

Real time visibility of Healtcare assets

Monitor and track healthcare assets using smart tags in real time. Improve efficiency and asset utilization and improve tracebility for assets

IOT based Fire & Security solutions

Monitor your industrial and office space remotely. Connect Fire alarm panels & system with cloud server and get alerts & notifications for any abnormalities

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AI for customer service

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